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Neue Wetterstation

Motivation Nach fast 10 Jahren ging meine alte Wetterstation – eine ELV USB-WDE01 mit Kombisensor KS200 – kaputt. Eigentlich ging sie noch, allerdings hat die Windmessung nicht mehr funktioniert und ich wüsste nicht wie ich das hätte reparieren können. Insofern habe … Weiterlesen

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Use an Apple keyboard on Linux

I have to admit that I use a Mac at home as my primary workstation. I also like the Apple keyboard (the one with a cable). That keyboard is hard-wired for Macs, which means that on a PC one cannot … Weiterlesen

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Swap Alt and Windows key in Windows

I use VirtualBox on Mac OS. Windows guest, Mac OS host. On the Mac, the keyboard layout is a bit different: While on the PC the three first keys in the last row on the keyboard are Ctrl, Windows and … Weiterlesen

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Using WPS with OpenWRT

I’m using a TP-Link TL-WR710N WLAN access point with OpenWRT installed. However, pairing non-computer devices like a Wireless speaker using the WPA passphrase is a pain (especially if it’s a good passphrase). That’s where WPS comes into play. However, the OpenWRT web interface … Weiterlesen

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Mounting NFS shares on Mac OS

When trying to mount a NFS share that is exported by a Linux NFS server (the kernel implementation), I got a „Permission denied“ error. There are lots of explanations around in the internet that recommend to use the resvport mount … Weiterlesen

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Using a dark background with CoIDE

At work I had to develop some firmware for two different ARM micro controllers (LPC and STM32). Although I don’t like IDEs in general, after some search I’ve chosen CoIDE for that task. It works well with Segger JLink, supports a broad … Weiterlesen

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