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Dachfenstersteuerung für VELUX INTEGRA®

In einem Mehrfamilienhaus befindet sich im Treppenhaus ein unzugängliches Dachfenster, welches einen Motor mit Fernbedienung zum Öffnen und Schließen besitzt. Zwar schließt sich das Fenster automatisch bei Regen, jedoch wollte ich eine automatische Steuerung realisieren, die das Fenster zeitgesteuert öffnet … Weiterlesen

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Compiling vim with Ruby on Windows

My favorite text editor is Vim even on Microsoft Windows (which am I forced to use sometimes at work). I also like the Lusty plugin. This plugin is written in Ruby. And that’s the problem. Vim on Windows is compiled with dynamic … Weiterlesen

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Use an Apple keyboard on Linux

I have to admit that I use a Mac at home as my primary workstation. I also like the Apple keyboard (the one with a cable). That keyboard is hard-wired for Macs, which means that on a PC one cannot … Weiterlesen

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Swap Alt and Windows key in Windows

I use VirtualBox on Mac OS. Windows guest, Mac OS host. On the Mac, the keyboard layout is a bit different: While on the PC the three first keys in the last row on the keyboard are Ctrl, Windows and … Weiterlesen

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Using WPS with OpenWRT

I’m using a TP-Link TL-WR710N WLAN access point with OpenWRT installed. However, pairing non-computer devices like a Wireless speaker using the WPA passphrase is a pain (especially if it’s a good passphrase). That’s where WPS comes into play. However, the OpenWRT web interface … Weiterlesen

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Mounting NFS shares on Mac OS

When trying to mount a NFS share that is exported by a Linux NFS server (the kernel implementation), I got a „Permission denied“ error. There are lots of explanations around in the internet that recommend to use the resvport mount … Weiterlesen

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Using a dark background with CoIDE

At work I had to develop some firmware for two different ARM micro controllers (LPC and STM32). Although I don’t like IDEs in general, after some search I’ve chosen CoIDE for that task. It works well with Segger JLink, supports a broad … Weiterlesen

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